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Navigating K-12 teacher shortages with the help of absence and substitute management software

Our eBook shares four strategies districts use to help expand substitute pools and become a school district of choice for subs in a competitive job market.

How to use ESSER Funds Brochure

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds were created to help K-12 schools address learning loss. Can these funds be used for tech?

Guide to Building a Data-Driven Manufacturing Operation

Discover how data can help you run a smarter manufacturing operation & what data has the biggest positive impact. Includes bonus Data Maturity Assessment

Manufacturers: 8 Strategies for Managing Your Workforce Amid a Persistent Labor Shortage

Lessen the impact of labor shortages and improve everyday workforce management functions for better efficiency with time, attendance & scheduling software

Infographic: TCP Solutions for Government & Public Safety

Many state and local governments are grappling with how to meet the unique time tracking and scheduling needs of their many departments. See how TCP helps.

Case Study: Humanity Scheduling Made It Easier for Community Health Center to Achieve 5x Growth

Learn how Winding Waters Community Health Center ditched manual scheduling processes to lead the way to 5x growth.

How Time, Attendance & Scheduling Solutions Boost Transparency In Government & Public Safety

Discover how time, attendance, and scheduling technology provides the data you need to offer true transparency expected from your government agency.

Unveiling the Hidden Costs of Manual Time, Attendance and Employee Scheduling

Learn how to calculate the actual costs of manual processes and have confidence when presenting the ROI of a time, attendance, and scheduling system.

Reducing Overtime Through Smart Employee Scheduling

Don't wait until overtime hours have taken a toll on employees and the company budget. Download this eBook to learn how smart employee scheduling can help.

Nucleus Research: Workforce Management Returns $12.24 for Every Dollar Spent

Nucleus Research reviewed ROI case studies and found that workforce management software pays back an average of $12.24 for every dollar spent.

Fact Sheet: TCP Analytics

TCP Analytics is an ad-hoc reporting engine that enables completely customizable reporting for organizations.

Infographic: Avoid These 5 Common Labor Compliance Pitfalls for Government Agencies

State and local governments: don’t wait until you’re facing a DOL audit. Learn about common labor compliance pitfalls and how to avoid them.