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Case Study: Edina Schools Improved On-Time Timesheet Processing by 100%

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eBook cover of Case Study: Edina Schools Improved On-Time Timesheet Processing by 100%

When Doyle Piper was hired as Edina School District’s new payroll specialist in September 2019, he reviewed reports from the previous quarter as part of onboarding. Unfortunately, the data revealed that the district’s hourly time tracking processes occasionally resulted in errors that generated costly overpayments and delays. In a handful of cases, employees inadvertently submitted more hours than they worked.

Of the timesheets submitted, only 40% were approved by the employee and manager on time, creating last-minute time crunches. Employees were generally submitting their timesheets on time; however, there were delays with manager approvals. Once the pay period closed, these delayed approvals created unnecessary off-cycle processes and payouts. Piper’s data review also uncovered errors that hadn’t previously been caught. For example, records showed an employee clocking out at 3 a.m., instead of 3 p.m. These types of data-entry errors led to instances of employees being paid for more hours than they worked.

Due to limited staffing in the payroll department, there wasn’t much time to monitor timesheets or approvals. On some occasions, time tracking data had to be exported to the payroll system on good faith. Download our case study to learn how we helped the district improve on-time timesheet processing by 100%.

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