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eBook: Secure Your Employee Files with Document Management

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Many smaller businesses are still storing hard copies of extremely sensitive employee documents. Others may store digital files in a third-party system or, worse, on an individual employee's computer. These standard document management solutions are neither secure, nor are they generally well organized.

Not having an electronic document management solution can lead to costly errors uncovered during an audit or legal action. Consider this scenario:
You’re the proud owner of a growing business.

One afternoon as you’re leaving the office, your assistant informs you that Donald, an auditor from the Department of Labor, is arriving in two days to follow-up about an FMLA complaint.

In normal times, this announcement might not cause you concern. But these aren’t normal times.

The first issue: your HR manager just left the organization. The second issue: all FMLA files were apparently saved on her computer. The third issue: her file organization leaves something to be desired. So far, you’ve only found photos from what appears to be her nephew’s high school graduation from Franklin Marshall High School in Louisiana. (Otherwise known as file name: FMLA.)

To say you’re dreading your meeting with Donald from the DOL is an understatement.

This situation offers the perfect illustration of how a business can benefit from a document management solution that allows people in the organization to upload and store employee-related documents. Whether it’s performance reviews, direct deposit information, I-9’s, FMLA records or other important employee records, storing them in a central, secure location is essential.

Without a document management system, it’s easy for managers to become overwhelmed by keeping track of employee-related documents and paperwork. That’s when documentation is lost or hard to find, which creates serious issues if audits occur. When a documentation process and system are in place, organizations save time, money, and stress. Download our eBook to learn more.

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