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Mitigate health risks to your organization with TCP's award-winning Thermal Sensor

Keeping your workers healthy is critical to keeping your organization operating effectively. Without the confidence that your workplace has taken steps to monitor employee health, your organization is at risk for a major crisis.

With TCP Software’s Thermal Sensor, your organization can implement a simple, efficient solution to health screening. Combine touchless clock operations with a routine temperature scan, all in a matter of seconds. Take steps to ensure your organization continues running smoothly with enhanced workplace safety.

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How can our Thermal Sensor help you?

Prevent health risks

Now, more than ever, organizations are adopting technology into their day-to-day that offset the possibility of a health crisis. With TCP Software’s Thermal Sensor attachment to our Core Time Clock, you can incorporate health screening into your daily operations without causing long lines or putting other employees at risk. Whittle the health screening process down to a few quick steps and keep your employees healthy and your business running smoothly.

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Customize to fit your needs

Each organization works differently and has unique requirements for their time clock operations. Start with TCP's Core Time Clock and then mix and match extensions to create the optimal clock-in/out experience for your workforce. Facilitate fully touchless workflows with badge readers, incorporate biometric security with fingerprint scanners, ensure a healthy workforce with our state-of-the-art Thermal Sensor. The clocks even work when there's no power! It's really as simple as selecting the best hardware options for your needs.

Rest confidently in compliance

Introducing new health screening into your organization’s workflow can raise concerns surrounding HIPAA and ADA compliance, but with TCP Software’s Thermal Sensor you can rest assured you stay compliant. Our solutions are constantly updated and use a state-of-the-art algorithm to ensure your employees’ information remains confidential and your organization is well within compliance protocols.

Measure and manage proactively

Screening temperatures on a day-by-day basis is only so helpful, but reporting on health trends in certain offices or locations can be extremely useful for identifying less obvious health risks to your organization. With the Thermal Sensor, you can identify and report on trends in temperature scans to help your managers be more proactive in keeping your workplace safe and healthy.

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