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Temperature Scanner Time Clock

Mitigate Health Risks
with the Thermal Sensor's
Touchless Technology

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Temperature Scanner Time Clock

Stop health risks at the door and track employee temperature data with TCP’s touchless Thermal Sensor temperature reader.

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Prevent Health Risks

Efficient, Non-Invasive Screening

Your clock can determine an employee’s temperature in under 3 seconds.

No Unnecessary Risks

There’s no need to have an employee manually taking temperatures, use an automated Thermal Sensor.

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Ensure Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Our clock uses a temperature algorithm for HIPAA compliance so your organization is not at risk.

ADA Compliance

Our system is constantly updated to ensure we remain within the bounds of necessary ADA compliance.

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Configure More

Easy Protocol Setup

Customize your own messages to inform employees of protocol based on their temperature.

Flexible Thresholds

Adjust your temperature thresholds to suit your own work environment.

Time Clock, Desktop Dashboard and Mobile App

Measure and Manage

Report Trend Data

Easily report and see trends in employee temperatures to assess health and risks.

Track Temperature Variance

Guarantee employee health is consistent by tracking temperature variance.