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Time & Attendance

Effective Workforce Management Starts
with Time & Attendance

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Top Time & Attendance Capabilities

At TCP, we know that how employees clock in and out, when they work, and what they work on are all at the heart of optimizing your workforce.

OT management

Overtime Management

TCP’s overtime calculations can span a wide range including:

Varied Overtime Thresholds

Set overtime thresholds for weekly, bi-weekly, daily and weekly or other periods

Weighted Overtime Configuration

Set up weighted overtime for employees with multiple rates.

Comp Time Configuration

For employees with a comp time option, set up a variety of rules for easy and automatic calculations.

Exceptions with hours

Exception Tracking

View hour anomalies directly from your hours screen such as:

Missed Punches

Easily see and correct missed employee operations as you view the hours.

Long Shifts

Set a threshold for a long shift and be notified when employees cross it.

Long/Short Breaks

Make sure employees take the breaks they need to with thresholds for long and short breaks.

Labor cals shift idff

Dynamic Labor Calculations

TCP offers a range of essential labor calculations such as:

Shift Differential

Easily attach premiums and rate changes to shifts worked at specific times.

Floating Pay Periods

Set up individualized pay periods for employees that might have different period schedules.

Paid Breaks

Set up entire or partial breaks to be paid out with the hours worked.

Flexible config labor tracking

Flexible Configurations

Workplaces today need dynamic setups that can be adjusted on a micro level, so TCP delivered just configurations for:

Master Lists

Configure codes that will apply generally to the organization.

Department-Specific Configurations

Adjust master codes as needed for specific departments.

Employee-Specific Configurations

Individualize settings based on the employee profile.

Hour/Time Sheet Specific Adjustments

For the odd segment that needs it, adjust calculation and code settings even further on the time worked itself.

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Consistently Updated Compliance

Compliance standards change. So we change with them.


Ensure your solution meets accessibility standards for your workforce.


Rest assured that your data is safe with monitored security compliance.


Guarantee everything is in place for necessary leave situations


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