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Time Clocks

Improve Efficiency, Ensure Accuracy & Boost Workplace Satisfaction

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Time Clocks for Next-Level Value

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TCP's industry-leading touchless, biometric and thermal sensor devices provide access control and give your employees the ability to complete self-service functions.

Tcp pin entry time clock

Be Safe, Be Mobile

Use our mobile app and a smart phone or tablet as a single-user device.

Scan Temperatures

Check and track employee temps at check-in with our NEW Thermal Sensor.

No-Touch Hardware

Rapidly deploy pre-configured proximity readers for touchless tracking.

Accurately Track Labor

Change departments, codes, or even jobs to precisely track time and labor.

Eliminate Buddy-Punching

Biometric clocks will ensure that your employees are kept honest and efficient.

Durable & Reliable Hardware

Whether you need to deploy your clock in the office or someplace like a shop floor, we have a configuration to meet your needs.

Work From Your Desktop

WebClock is only a click away and handy for utilizing your office space effectively.

Contact Tracing

Combine time clock devices and mobile apps to track employees in real time.

Tcp pin entry time clock
Pin entry time clock

TCP Core Time Clock

Build the Perfect Time Clock

TCP’s Core Time Clock allows you to customize a time collection device best suited for your organization.

Tcp thermal scanner time clock pass
Thermal scanner time clock

Thermal Sensor

Award Winning Innovation & Safety Measures

TCP's new Thermal Sensor recently won a Stevie Award for its innovative and quick approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Thermal Sensor enables employers to check employee temperatures efficiently when they check in for work. This attachment helps you provide a safer workplace for your employees and is a useful management tool for tracking trends and anomalies in employee temperatures that is fully compliant with HIPAA and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Tcp proximity time clock scan screen
Touchless badge reader time clock

Touchless Badge Readers

A Badge Reader for Every Environment

Today, more than ever, having a touchless or near touchless experience ensures your employees that you care about their health and safety. TCP’s badge reader attachments provide a quick “scan and go” to reduce wait times, eliminate buddy punching, and add security. To boot, the system can be configured to use with or without power or the internet.

Proximity time clock square

No need to touch the clock - employees simply wave their badge in front for quick clock IN and clock OUT.

Magnetic swipe time clock square

Swipe magnetic strip badges for clock operations and more.

Tcp barcode time clock square

A simple swipe of your badge into the RDTg feed and our clock guides you the rest of the way, making timekeeping quick and easy

Tcp biometric time clock
Biometric scanner time clock


Easily Prevent Buddy Punching

With TCP Biometric Time Clocks, you can have added security easily incorporated into your workforce’s clock operation experience without sacrificing efficiency.

Biometric time clock right

TCP’s elegant biometric time clock solution allows you to attach a fingerprint scanner seamlessly to a touchscreen clock.

Bioscan usb square

An alternative to our other biometric options, the BioScan 7 contains all the power and security of a larger clock in the small package of a simple USB.

Mobile clock in
Mobile time tracking software

MobileClock App

For the On-The-Go Workforce

MobileClock is our time clock app that removes the bounds of fixed time collection devices and provide employees the ability to perform time clock operations from wherever they may be.

Web mobile clock
Web time clock


The Ultimate in Convenience & Availability

Whether you're accessing from the comfort of your home or in the hustle and bustle of an office, WebClock allows full control of when and where you take care of business. With 24/7 hosting on our OnDemand servers, WebClock is always kept up to date and ready to suit your needs at any time.

Time Clock, Desktop Dashboard and Mobile App

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