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TCP - TimeClock Plus

Time & Attendance and integrated Workforce Management solutions

TimeClock Plus is comprised of a comprehensive suite of features that work together to automate time tracking and labor related processes, control costs, manage compliance risk, integrate with payroll providers, and ensure your teams operate efficiently. TimeClock Plus also seamlessly integrates with our award-winning time clocks.

Time & Attendance

Reimagine your day-to-day

Manage hours, exceptions and attendance from a single, user-friendly application, and make sure your teams get paid accurately and on time with streamlined payroll processes.

Employee Scheduling

Build schedules in minutes

Make sure your people are in the right place at the right time and keep costs down. In just a few clicks, locate and manage personnel including those working from multiple locations.

Leave & Absence Management

Manage time off with a click

Approve or deny requests with a single click and watch the interface work seamlessly with employee hours. Consolidate tasks by managing leave and hours all in the same screen.

Labor Costing & Job Tracking

Gain better insight

Deliver precise labor tracking that has the flexibility to keep up with the complexity of your organization. Configure the system to fit your needs, not the other way around.

Reporting & Analytics

Data, how you want it

Filter and sort reports exactly how you want them configured and customize your dashboards to gain quick access to the most relevant data.

Mobile Solutions

Put the power in their hands

Empower your workforce to manage their time by building a mobile setup that enables them to operate safely and efficiently, with single-user clock operations.

Time tracking boosts bottom line

5 Ways Time and Attendance Boosts Your Bottom Line

Payroll Integrations

Connect with major payroll providers

Rest easy knowing that TimeClock Plus software seamlessly integrates with all major payroll providers like ADP, QuickBooks and Paychex, and even payroll modules from popular ERP systems.

ERP/HCM Integrations

Integrate with 100’s of ERP/HCM providers

Trust a time and attendance system that works hand-in-hand with your ERP or HCM provider to make managing people and processes far less complicated.

Security & Protection

Cloud-based SaaS

Get peace-of-mind knowing you’re operating in a cloud-based SaaS environment hosted within industry-leading U.S.-based data centers, complete with highly trained security teams.


Stay ahead of labor laws

Guarantee your workforce is compliant with federal, state and local regulations. From FMLA to the Affordable Care Act and more, TCP’s time and attendance software will help your team stay ahead of labor laws.

Shift Scheduling with Humanity

Power up your rosters

No need to compromise between robust time tracking and dynamic scheduling. TCP has connected TimeClock Plus with best-of-breed employee scheduling solution, Humanity.

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