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Give your employees a user-friendly experience with the TimeClock Plus WebClock solution

Conveniently accessed through your web browser, the TimeClock Plus WebClock is a browser-based time clock that allows employees to perform clocking operations and self-service actions directly from a computer, tablet or other device.

Employees can quickly clock in and out, leave on a break, change departments or cost codes, submit time-off requests and even create time sheets in one, easy-to-use interface. The customizable dashboard widgets give your workforce a quick snapshot of their hours worked, messages, accruals, leave requests and more, no matter where they are. Easy for you and for them!

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How can using WebClock work for your organization?

Access WebClock from anywhere

For many organizations, the workforce is a combination of in-office, remote, hybrid or off-site workers, making deploying a solution to your employees a significant challenge. By taking advantage of the web, you can easily deploy a versatile time clock solution to your entire workforce. With TCP's WebClock powered by TimeClock Plus, you can deliver a full-feature solution directly to your workforce—whether they're using a desktop, laptop or mobile device—making time tracking and employee scheduling a breeze, even in remote areas.

Give them the power

With the ability to clock in and out, request time off, and share messages, you'll be giving your employees the power to manage their time with a few simple clicks. The Manage Time Sheet feature allows employees to enter either time-based time sheets or amount-based time sheets. To boot, employees with the correct clock configuration will be able to enter requests for assigned leave codes.

Improve security & stay compliant

Anytime mobile time clock apps are involved, there is always the concern a workforce might take advantage. With restricted access features, your organization's managers can monitor and customize IP addresses to specific IP addresses or locations on a map, and restrict unknown locations. Manage confidently knowing your organization’s protocols can be automatically enforced, ensuring your workforce is performing time clock operations when and where they are supposed to. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing TCP Software guarantees SOC-2 and compliance so your solution is always secure and accessible.

Customize & save

Your workforce performs a variety of operations every day from clocking in and out to checking schedules and submitting time off requests. Your managers can configure an employee experience best suited to your workforce that streamlines these day-to-day operations. You can even configure different access and experiences depending on where your employees are while accessing the app. Using WebClock can also provide considerable time and cost savings to your organization, since the only equipment you need for clock operations is each employee's work computer.

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