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Keep your labor costs down and scheduling under control with an employee scheduling system.

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The old-fashioned way of posting the shift schedule in the breakroom or even emailing a spreadsheet with the team schedule takes too long to manage, introduces the potential for errors and opens the door to miscommunication that can lead to dropped shifts, missed pay, fire drills, excessive overtime, compliance issues and frustrated employees and managers.

Perhaps it’s time to put away the whiteboard and close the spreadsheet. You just don’t need them anymore. Not when a diverse array of organizations leverage TCP’s TimeClock Plus scheduling system each and every day to optimize staffing levels, reduce labor costs and improve employee engagement across a variety of departments and functions.

From public safety to hospitals to the mid-sized manufacturer, TCP online employee scheduling solutions help to clear the clutter for hassle-free scheduling that helps you ensure the right people know where and when they’re expected to work.

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Learn Why Scheduling is a Key Component to Managing Your Workforce

TCP’s TimeClock Plus Scheduling Capabilities

Standard Employee Scheduling

Build work schedules as needed or create a schedule with up to 8 recurring unique weeks. Templates can be deployed to simplify setup and changes can be made either globally or at the employee level.

Scheduling exceptions track anomalies against the schedule so you can focus on addressing non-conformance.

The ability to monitor late arrivals and absences or punch times that don’t comply with policy can help you quickly uncover potential issues before they cost your organization money or time.

Advanced Scheduling

TimeClock Plus Advanced Scheduling helps organizations that have more dynamic and complex scheduling needs, such as coverage assurance, qualification requirements for shifts, CBA compliance and employee shift swaps.

The Advanced Scheduler shift calendar offers a quick and easy way for managers to fill open shifts and the shift roster allows schedule swapping and drop requests to be initiated by employees, enabling managers to spend less time managing schedules and more time leading their team toward organizational goals.

Government agencies, especially those in public safety, who work with unions and require minimum coverage to maintain established staffing standards will benefit from the capabilities available with the Advanced Scheduler.

TCP’s Humanity Scheduling Capabilities

With the acquisition of Humanity, a leader in employee scheduling, TCP has added dynamic and customizable scheduling capabilities to our Workforce Management suite of solutions. Read more.

NEW! Dynamic, Demand-Driven Scheduling

Organizations that require more dynamic and predictive schedules will find that the cloud-based capabilities of TCP’s Humanity scheduling software can dramatically accelerate schedule creation by optimizing staffing based on historical sales, sales forecasts, employee skill set, and staff availability.

Demand-Driven Scheduling:

Integrate key business metrics with the scheduling process, so your organization is always staffed to perfection. Learn more about how Demand-Driven Scheduling transforms your data to schedule-ready staffing rules.

Real Time Schedule Updates:

View overstaffed or understaffed areas in real time. This allows managers to quickly respond to changes in business circumstances.

Mobile Shift Management:

Employees can request time off, pick up open shifts, release shifts, and adjust their availability directly from the Humanity mobile app.

Automated Scheduling:

Set custom variables and employee preferences to automatically generate conflict-free schedules.

Thermal Sensor Time Clock

Back-to-Work Solution

NEW Thermal Sensor pairs with badge readers to provide a fully integrated solution to bring your team back to work safely.

TCP Payroll Integrations

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Payroll Software

With hundreds of pre-configured and adaptable modules, integrating with major payroll software is a breeze.

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What Can TCP’s Workforce Scheduling Do for You?

green arrow Maintain Labor Costs and Overtime

Maintain Control of Labor Costs and Unnecessary Overtime

Overtime should be used strategically to help you deliver on a business goal, whether that’s providing better service for your customers during a busy time of year or increasing throughput to meet an important deadline. Use employee time and attendance data to understand the overtime situation for each employee so you can proactively account for it when necessary and reduce it when unnecessary.

More About Our Time & Attendance SolutionMore About Our Time & Attendance Solution
green arrow Increase Workforce Flexibility and Reduce Burnout

Increase Workforce Flexibility and Reduce Burnout

Optimal scheduling accommodates flexibility for your business and your employees, enabling you to improve productivity and morale simultaneously. You’ll have the tools to reduce overstaffing and understaffing with real-time data that already exists in the system, enabling you to schedule around planned leave and/or react quickly to unplanned absences.

More About Our Leave & Absence Management SolutionMore About Our Leave & Absence Management Solution
green arrow Stay Compliant with Labor Laws

Stay Compliant with Labor Laws

Maintain complete visibility and control over who’s working and when to ensure you stay ahead of federal, state and local labor law requirements. Audit logs, customized workflows and specialized document repositories will help you stay on the right side of your next audit.

Read More About ComplianceRead More About Compliance
green arrow Build a More Productive Workplace

Build a More Productive Workplace

Automating elements of your scheduling process with software means your managers will spend less time dealing with time off requests, unexpected conflicts between the schedule and employee availability, and other related scheduling issues. Instead, they can spend more time focused on projects that drive value for the organization, solve problems for stakeholders, create more revenue opportunities, streamline costs and boost productivity.

Read How Automated Scheduling Helps Manage TimeRead How Automated Scheduling Helps Manage Time
Solve Scheduling Issues

Solve Scheduling Issues

Read how to effectively match employee hours with business needs using automated scheduling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Properly scheduling and tracking employee time gives management insight and control into where and when your workforce is working. This allows you to proactively take steps that ensure unnecessary overtime is mitigated or prevented entirely without damaging your organization's productivity.
TCP's solutions are web-based, meaning management can access schedules from just about anywhere, including their phones. With the Humanity Scheduling mobile app, your managers can make quick updates and changes to schedules on the go.
Yes, if your organization allows for employee interactivity with their schedules you can empower them to swap, drop and offer shifts among themselves, all within the boundaries and limitations established by management.
Employees are always able to view real-time updates to their schedules, but TCP's solutions also allow for employee messaging and notifications so management can inform employees of any changes made to their schedules.
Absolutely, one of the greatest things about TCP's solutions is its flexibility. Both our TimeClock Plus and Humanity Scheduling softwares are highly configurable, allowing your organization to enhance its overall efficiency without having to adapt to the limitations of a static solution.
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