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30+ years of customer feedback and expertise combined into one highly configurable, cloud-based workforce management suite.

Exceptions with Hours
Time and attendance

Time & Attendance

Reimagine your day-to-day with streamlined time collection and tracking. Manage employee hours, exceptions, and attendance from a single, user-friendly application.

Recurring Schedules
Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling

Keep workforce management simple with employee information stored and maintained in one place. Locate and manage personnel with a few easy clicks.

Dashboard Request Widgets
PTO and Leave Management

Absence & Leave Management

Consolidate your tasks by managing leave and hours all in the same screen. Approve or deny requests with a single click and watch it interface seamlessly with the employee hours.

Flexible and Configurable Labor Tracking
Labor Tracking and Costing

Labor & Job Costing

Deliver precise labor tracking that has the flexibility to keep up with the complexity of your organization. Configure the system to fit your needs, not the other way around.

Pre-Configured Reports List
Reporting Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Enhance your workforce management experience with configurable reports that deliver a clean look alongside your data. Filter and sort our reports to see the data exactly how you want to see it. Customize dashboards to have quick access to the most relevant data.

Mobile clock in
Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Build an employee setup that enables your workforce to operate safely and efficiently with our mobile options. Facilitate mobile, remote or even just safe, single-user clock operations.

Report Automation
Payroll Integrations

Payroll Integrations

Forget about the hassle and stress of normal payroll operations and take advantage of integrations designed alongside your payroll software. Rest easy with guaranteed compatible integrations and a painless process.

green arrow Solutions at a glance erp and hcm integrations
ERP and HCM Integrations

ERP & HCM Integrations

Trust a workforce management system that works hand-in-hand with your ERP or HCM provider. Utilize our integrations to make management easier, not more complicated.

green arrow Solutions at a glance security and protection

Security & Protection

Guarantee your workforce is compliant with all federal, state and local labor regulations. Our software is consistently updated to maintain compliant with standards such as WCAG, SOC-2 and more!

green arrow Solutions at a glance compliance


From the Affordable Care Act to the Family Medical Leave Act TimeClock Plus empowers you to stay ahead of labor law requirements.


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